Mountain Lion – Apple Strikes Again

I wasn’t even going to upgrade my operating system but I tried to download an iBooks app from the app store on my desktop but I couldn’t until I had downloaded Mountain Lion. Fast forward 24 hours and I’ve downloaded the new operating system, the features left me amazed at how user friendly it is. I can send and receive iMessages on my desktop, I’m able to FaceTime within the same programme, I can tweet because the Mountain Lion has a built in notification centre… I’m totally stoked and geeked out because it has the ease of operating my iPhone. According to reports Mountain lion is Apple’s most successful operating system with more than 3,000,000 copies being downloaded in it’s first four days of availability. It brings more than 200 new features, as well as many bug fixes and improvements, and is available through Apple’s Mac App Store for $19.99.

There are a few problems I have with Mountain Lion, mostly the way in which Notes have been removed from the email app so I can no longer access everything I write on the move because ‘on my iPhone’ notes refuse to be synced with iCloud. I dislike the way that a two finger scroll has been reversed to move your fingers up to go down and vice versa. A two finger swipe no longer allows you to quickly access all open application icons to flick in-between them, and if you are not careful you could end up scrolling backwards. Hopefully the 27 minute video will allow me to reconfigure the settings I miss so much, but more than anything I yearn for a solution to have all of my notes in one account and with more than 900 notes I doubt anyone would suggest I should email them over.

I didn’t get to the end of this instructional video so if anyone knows how to move the ‘on my iPhone’ notes to the iCloud, please get in touch.

Ok Bye.


2 thoughts on “Mountain Lion – Apple Strikes Again

  1. This very tempting and a lot of bells and whistles I probably purchase this if… Recycle 2.2 works with this software. Im not very found I the cloud either but I feel this will be good for my iPad purchase next week


    • I say you should take a leap of faith with it because I’m already over the adaptability issues. My Focusrite Saffire USB 6 soundcard didn’t work at first but I downloaded an updated .dmg so I’m pretty sure there may be one on the propellarhead site.


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