Auralgasm #1 – Soundcloud Roundup

I pity folk who don’t dig beneath the blanket of chart trashery in search of more ethereal sounding music. I started Up In The Ear because I discover so much great music and needed a permanent place to spread the word. I won’t say all music that features in the chart is trash but a fair amount is soulless, which is something I can’t get with. I’ve had enough of incompetent artistry, I’ve had enough of all the nonsense imitations and fly by night bandwaggonry. I don’t even listen to the radio, I don’t listen or watch the television, I don’t read newspapers, I tend to find new music by following a trail of sound cloud links or digging through a band’s DNA of influence.

Over the past few months I have spent hours scouring sites such as soundcloud for new music. What started out as a means to find a few free downloads for a future podcast, eventually turn’t into an adventure of aural discovery. There was so much great music, so much inspiration, I spent hours listening to the same tracks over and over, a few of which I’ve included in the post…

The first track is entitled MoonCrate by a Los Angeles and Brainfeeder artist Mono/Poly, not sure if the name is a reference to the Korg synthesiser but the track itself is an unreleased track from 2006 which sounds vaguely similar to SWV’s Right Here (the Human Nature Mix which samples the original track by Micheal Jackson). I wonder if its an original or a sample. Either way it’s a beautiful track that I’ve fallen in love with.

The next track is by an artist from a fellow Westminster Commercial Music graduate, Herda Vim. When it comes to being experimental this is someone who never ceases to amazing my ears. On this one he utilises his own voice as percussive instruments giving the music an individual feel alongside some reversed piano licks and chip tune. I love this ‘Untitled’ track a lot because it’s understated, it’s simply intricate.

The creator behind the next track is super elusive, I tried to fish for some information but came up trumps with nothing except a few great ethereal tracks and influences. This Clouds of Sounds track Lost In Antarctica is definitely the soundtrack for getting things done. It’s the soundtrack of pursuit, a track you can listen to whilst cruising round with an empty tank. The amount of times I listened to this track whilst completed a few commissions is the stuff of legend, I really enjoy this one.

The final track of this Auralgasm is what I call my ‘Seduction’ track. It’s sensual, soulful and trance inducing. If I were to explain what this track conjures up, I’m pretty sure I’d have to stick an eighteen plus disclaimer on this article. It’s a special track, full of dynamics and the most beautiful build up I’ve ever heard. Without getting too Fifty Shades of greyish, this track is comparable to sex, the heightened sense of pleasure within intercourse building up from foreplay and the culmination of the evening’s romantic and flirtatious moments. This isn’t the type of seduction for the fly by night escape first thing in the morning, it’s for the special kind of moment… But yea, Evil Needle is a Berlin native who now resides in Strasborg, France. He’s been producing for eight years and is pretty much a self taught musician. This track, Angel was originally for a compilation by Carminelitta to celebrate her first anniversary since starting her blog. I hope to get this ‘exclusive’ kind of treatment from Evil Needle once I decided to ‘officially’ celebrate my blog being alive.

So there you have it, the chilled, the trippy, the pursuit and the seduction…



3 thoughts on “Auralgasm #1 – Soundcloud Roundup

  1. Who needs commercial radio and music sites when you have sites like soundcloud. By looking deeper into soundcloud not only do you discover more original music but also the unique chance to engage with your favorite artists as most of the artists on soundcloud are more than willing to answer any questions you may have about their music.


    • That’s the best thing about soundcloud, you never know what you’re going to find. I wish there were more pirate and community radio shows like the good ol days that were dedicated to new music although I would say ‘who needs mainstream radio’ because I’ve received a cheque or two from radio AirPlay haha


    • That’s the truth, traditional radio is full of elitist agendas as opposed to soundcloud which is filled with its fair share of trash but there’s so many gems to be found. Any recommendations?


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