#WGF – Pocket iOS

Before I was aware of Pocket I used to save things I wanted to read as bookmarks. The downside with doing that is you’d often forget about it, or it’ll get buried beneath a lot of other random things. Once I got my first iOS device, the iPhone, I set out trying to save pages in Safari’s numerous browser windows. The downside was that you’d almost never go back to read the same day, and you’d often load up another link in the browser that will erase the webpage you were trying to save. This became an everlasting dilemma for me, I even tried to save things to the reading list which became available across all devices [thanks to the new and improved iCloud service on iOS6]. I’m not sure how I discovered Pocket, pretty sure it was on a random trip to the App Store, but I downloaded it and put it on layaway…

Operating Pocket is simple enough but I do have my reservations, I downloaded it about a year ago without knowing what I’d gotten myself into; the initial setup left me somewhat confused and disillusioned but once I returned to it in July 2013 and began working out how to use it, I abandoned the iOS reading list altogether. I’ve learnt how to tag posts when saving articles to pocket, however I’d love to see an app update that makes it much easier to save from apps such as twitter and Facebook when using iOS devices [if you follow pages of blogs and publications! the process of saving to pocket is rather long] as you often have to open up the link in safari, sign in and get tagging.

This is possibly one of the most resourceful apps I own because it’s not often that I have time to sit and read anything due to work. It’s great because it allows you to save articles to read offline. I tend to read mine whilst commuting using my iPad, since I have no cellular capability, it’s great as you can tap on pictures and video and they’ll play as if they were being streamed. The only thing I could ask for is better integration and more power, however if there’s anything I should know: tips/tricks, please share.

Download Pocket.


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