London Olympic 2012 – Bird Watch

So Olympic fever has well and truly gripped the world as the best of the best and the not so best of the best from the best of the best in the countries crawling their way out of a corrupt, poverty and conflict stricken regime, or more often that not an under financed sports program, compete for immortality on the podium of greatness.

Victoria Pendleton – Great Britain – Cycle Track Sprinter

It’s also the time that, having spent 90 minutes of my time glued to the athlete procession at the opening ceremony, decide where the greatest destination to find the best looking women on the globe are. I wouldn’t exactly called it ‘perving’ because I haven’t exactly had my dick out, I’d called it admiration because there are some beautiful women and there’s also no other time that I’d get to see a large chunk of female representatives from so many of these countries on display in one place.

Patricia Mamona – Triple Jumper – Portugal

I spotted women from so many different places, noticing a trend between where I thought the most attractive women were and their region of the globe. I even had some polite reminders, bringing back memories of women from particular countries and cultures I had dated in the past. The whole procession also reminded me of what I said as a child about fathering a child with a woman from every country on the globe. Perhaps what I really meant was that I wanted to have ‘sexy time’ with a woman from every different country because fast forward 20 years and I’m childless [thank God] and I’ve dated women from at least 3-4 different continents.

Alejandra Benitez – Fencer – Venezuela

Amongst some of the prettiest were women from my favoured regions of the Middle East, South America and the Mediterranean. There were a few I wasn’t expecting, especially when I caught sight of Maria Mcqueen Dunn of Guam, a country I previously had no idea of until I spotted her with the flag pole, even more surprising was the fact that she was a wrestler. I wouldn’t mind getting into a naked tussle sometime soon haha.

Maria Macqueen Dunn – Wrestler – Guam

I guess I’ve always been into exotic women, I think I’m intrigued by those who can speak a different language, cook different food and have an alternative set of customs and cultural values to something I’ve always known. Besides their beauty a lot of these women are some of the worlds greatest athletes who are destined for greatness. I’m just super hyped about the cycle Sprint events at the velodrome because Team GB got me gassed at the last world championships.



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