A Slow Painful Death

My MacBook is rapidly becoming what my car has become, the bane of all my finances. If it’s not the top case [replaced in June], it’s a replacement battery [yet to be replaced]. After months of deliberating to invest in a new model to replace my five year old [this month] machine, I’ve decided to take the leap. It’s time for an iMac

The source of my pain on this occasion was the wifi, when I powered the machine on, it was blank and would not connect to any network whatsoever. I began backtracking to a few days in advance where I changed the DNS settings. I had no idea what I was doing at the time, I got the address from a website and followed the instructions. Alarm bells started ringing when it asked me to open Terminal and paste a code in before pressing enter. I did it but didn’t restart my machine until a few days after, it was at that point where I began to panic. However, in the midst of writing this my wifi began working again so whether or not it was a technical glitch, the botched DNS experiment or a sign that my MacBook is on it’s way out is all apart of the probable.

Without further adieu, here’s my prospective [ironic, funny ha ha video] purchase…


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