The iPhone iTunes Binge! – An Ode To Rafaella (My Macbook)

In light of Rafaella’s departure into care, I’ve been in quite a somber mood. I’ve been reminiscing on all the wonderful moments we shared, all the taps on the key pad, the strokes on the touch pad, my heart hasn’t stopped shedding tears since I handed her over to the lady at the Genius counter in Apple store so she could get fixed.

Not only do I miss my dear Rafaella because she houses all my tools, and weaponry, but she also has my library of songs stored in her brain, she’s also the reason why I can’t sync Amy Winehouse’s debut album Frank with my iPhone.

Sad times 😥

I missed you Raffi, so I went on an iTunes binge in your honour. I felt it was apt to get cheesy in honour of all the times we shared. I know I can’t be by the bedside, in the waiting room, or outside the operating theatre watching you under the Apple technicians diagnostic test and resolution, but I’m there with you in heart and spirit.
I hope you’re playing that Amy Winehouse debut for me because I dedicate the October Song to you my love.

I miss you 😥 xxx

Anywho… Here’s my “I miss my Rafaella” (My MacBook) playlist.

I actually remember the day I laid eyes upon you, I opened up the boxes that housed you, gently lifted you outside of your box, and placed you on my bed so I could charge you up. Definitely love at first sight.

Raffi, if I can’t have you, I refuse to have anyone as a substitute. I refuse to betray you by going off and handling a Windows PC. I’m going to stay true to the clan and use our first born, Hira (My iPhone), whilst I’ll use your cousins iMac at Uni.

This paints the picture of my current mood, slightly elaborate on the original by our fave Thelonious Monk but it captures my sentiment in your absence.

This song actually makes me want to have a few daughters… Skip!!!

This is superhero music! I feel like me having the coverplan is superheroic in itself and if it covers the repair it’s a result!!! Fingers xsssed!!!

I’m an ’85 child and I don’t care what anyone thinks, this song alongside Gold are hits!!!! Get to know asap!!! While you’re there, go get Wham! – Wake Me Up and Club Tropicana!!! Yea this is strictly for those from the era!!! Ha!

Absolutely love this song! And I found it in the iTunes 59p sale like the song True!
Great times!!! 🙂

This is how you should write a love song! Dedicated to my lady Raffi! Love you Mac-a-ella xxx

I love her music, she’s adorable but there’s nothing on Rafaella!!!!

This was the last I saw of Rafaella before she went into hospital to be treated. I’m praying she comes out unscathed and healthier than ever because when she returns I’ve got epic plans for us!!!

With Love


(A throwback from February 2011 which was sitting inside the draft box and it’s iroic that my laptop’s hardrive has died whilst I post this in aug 2012)


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