My MacBook Is Comatose

In 2013 a dog is no longer a mans best friend, never a friend of mine to begin without hey, a computer/ smartphone/ tablet have taken pride of place in the pocket and bag of today’s technological gent. These devices allow us to remember the anniversaries of our relationships, birthdays of friends and relatives, dates at the dentist and most importantly the date and time of your Genius Bar appointment to somehow try to get your computer repaired after not powering on for over a fortnight. Anyone who knows me knows just how important my MacBook is to me and how much of an integral part part it plays in my everyday activity. I’m pretty much devastated as I’ve tried changing the battery and it still doesn’t power on, leaving me with only one conclusion…. Da dun daaaaaaah! I may have to pay for some pretty expensive components to be replaced. My battery did tell me that it needed to be replaced soon for around about a year so could the dying battery’s illness spread to all the other components, especially the power? Hmmm I wonder what would Clay Davis say…

I know everyone does these ‘#prayforblahblah‘ so could we get ‘prayforkhalidsmacbook‘ trending please. It’s not too much to ask considering that some of you tweet and post more than you actually speak to other human beings. It’s not yet another frivolous news story being pushed by a celeb tweet that gets constant retweets, or something you share for the sake of it, this is the tool I use to ‘enrich lives‘. Whether I’m sharing a self indulgent article about how much I hate standing next to morbidly obese people because they smell weird or hate riding the bus in rush hour [or better yet all the time] because there’s always a mother who can’t control the screaming demon in the pram.



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