Angela Ricci – Isn’t It Funny

Angela Ricci: quirky, colourful, cute, honest, soulful, infectious, captivating, modest, humble, endearing, insightful, sentimental, animated, charismatic, artistic, creative, vivid, jazzy, colourful, vibrant, versatile…

Don’t mind my flurry of adjectives, the press release, the music and the brief interaction with Angela and Aaron inspired me to find a way to describe what is about to float into your ears and paint a masterpiece on the canvas of your imagination.

High production levels, slick, sultry and silky vocals, perfectly executed ad-libs, harmonies, and tones. Listen close enough and you’ll find meticulous attention paid to every detail no matter how miniature, you aren’t just listening to a track with someone singing and someone playing a few instruments, this right here and the other tracks are all a labour of love. Peep the solos, the levels, the offbeat shuffle of some of the instruments. Listen to that quirky muted brass instrument that sits perfectly in the mix, Angela and Aaron are a force to be reckoned with and it is reflective in their very being, colours, coordination, and their style.

Definitely one to watch so once you’ve enjoyed the track above, watch the video below to get a sense of what they’re really about. I used to always wish that I had won I ticket to play Fun House on CITV or The Crystal Maze, however being able to sit in on a recording, writing or mixing session as a fly on the wall to one of Angela and Aaron’s writing sessions will be far more favourable than winning a ticket to visit a Maison Ladureé parisian tea room for macarons –me passing up on a first class dining experience? I know right!

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