The Gaye/Thicke/Pharrell Debate: Punished for being inspired or justice being served?

When I first heard Blurred Lines I thought it was John Legend and was surprised to find out it was Robin Thicke. I mean let’s be honest, who knew Robin Thicke had so much soul in that voice of his. I keep putting the task of googling the song credits on my to do list but forget. Even listening to the song during the court case coverage on TV, I’m still convinced its a John Legend vocal and I’d be surprised if it came out later down the line that the song wasn’t written for Legend initially. I just wanted to put that out there before proceeding…

Got To Give It Up is strictly vibes! It’s a shame that mainstream isn’t filled with this kind of warm upbeat music that you can groove to as opposed to hollow synth stabs and four to floor beats that lack some sort of shuffle or humanisation.

Did Pharrell steal anything from Marvin?

Well I’d probably say it’s more inspirational coincidence. The use of drum kit, cowbell, and heavy bass groove is of that era. I mean would the same happen to Mark Ronson in a few years if someone from a deceased musical icon’s estate decides that Rons jacked a track and remade it. This court case treads on dangerous territory because it means that you can be sued just for being inspired.

Can you imagine if Blue Ivy, North, and a bunch of other rap kids began suing future rappers for stealing and reinterpreting the flows of their fathers?

I’d hate to think what would happen because creatives are like magpies, we interpret what we see, experience and feel through art and often stand on the shoulders of those that came before us but what do you think?

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