Realness Mix – Ard Ish

They say that music and culture moves in cycles. There was the 80s, the 90s, and now the 00s, and however much the present try to emulate the previous there are always those that flip the bird to the current trend. Realness is one of those producers, he doesn’t seem to care for what the other DJ’s are spinning nor what the top ten chart on Beatport sounds like, he has his blinders on and does his thing.

Ard Ish is high energy, pulsating and non stop vibes. I’ve been supporting this track since early December and it has’t escaped much of my sets ever since. My favourite part of the track is the change but if you can’t hear it from the preview, feel free to listen to the embedded mix below at the 4.00 min mark to hear how it sounds in the mix. There are so many cuttable segments, it’s like a constant roll of jabs at a speed bag.

There isn’t a known scheduled release but as soon as I get a confirmation i’ll spread the word.

Soundcloud | Twitter

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