Old People Snacks

Define old people’s snack?

Well they’d be made of things that only old people have the taste palette for; anything way too crunchy or salty for a young undeveloped set of teeth and tastebuds to process ie. Olives, almonds, sunflower seeds etc.

Growing up there were things I used to swerve in favour of much sweeter things such as raw cashews, pistachios, salted peanuts, and this oddly packaged peanut snack bar called Mr.Toms. It had the dodgiest looking packaging, it was similar to the Sesame Snaps, boring to look at and much more boring to eat as they weren’t a Snickers or Mars bar, they were just a bunch of peanuts and a handful of sesame seeds bonded together by some sort of syrup.

I can’t exactly remember when it became normal for me to consume these snacks whilst at my desk but when my colleague was going to the shop, I asked if she could get me a Mr.Toms peanut bar. When she returned and placed the two bars on my desk, I began to piece together what had just happened and before opening the pack I said to myself…

These are old people snacks, I must be getting old.

It’s about 167 days until my 30th birthday and for me to subconsciously request a mature snack as opposed to a Snickers bar, must be a sign that I’m finally making the transition into a mature grown up.

I’ve officially found my way… Happy days!


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