Does my drink look gay?

So imagine you’re sat with a bunch of friends for a catchup in Bodean’s. The first drink consists of a bottle of American strawberry and lime cider which you consume with a veggie quesadilla, an 8oz beef burger and fries for main with a lot of chopped jalapeños. The plate has nothing left on it but sesame seeds and crumbs from the bun, a few bits of lettuce, tomatoes and smears of ketchup and mayonnaise. At this point the meat sweats are beginning to show and all you can taste in your mouth are the red onions and gherkins, you need a beverage -a cold beverage, a thirst quencher, will you order the cider again? At 4% it’s not much to impair your ability to drive should you need to later on but it’s not worth risking a clean record. You would get a coke but you hate the way the filter things taste if you’re not chasing whiskey, brandy or a dash of spiced rum. The only alternative is to order the only thing you remember on the menu, and although you’re mildly lactose intolerant with a crazy love affair with this drink when you and your partner visit VQ, you decide to give Bodean’s Honeycomb milkshake a try…

After ten minutes of sipping on the glass of lukewarm water that was poured for you nearly an hour ago when you first arrived, your milkshake arrives on a tray with whipped cream, a clear straw and pastel coloured hundreds & thousands sprinkled ontop. Before you take a sip your friend across the table taps your other friend and says…

Ay don’t that drink look gay!?

As hilarious as this played out it made me want to share the story and ask a few questions:

  1. Does my drink look gay?
  2. Are you prevented from ordering particular drinks because of how it looks on the 1-10 scale of gayness?
  3. Could you list drinks that look gay?

(currently laughing aloud to myself whilst writing this on the way home)

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