Naomi Bowler – Midnight

Only way to describe this is sweet, subtle, and innocent. Naomi’s vocals glide over the instruments with ease, her unimposing delivery fusing clever poetry with a sense of endearing vulnerability capture the sentiment of yearning for someone you love at midnight to perfection.

We all can relate to this on some level as we’ve all been there, the lyrics are potent, the tones echoe feelings and thoughts felt in past circumstances and situations, for that reason I dedicate this to all the lovers and admirers. If you’re not in a position to let someone know how you feel, send them this song and they’ll get it…

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The original plan was to feature an audio interview with Naomi Bowler, as I had somewhat of a deepish and lighthearted conversation on Monday evening whilst she was out in Switzerland, but due to some technical issues I was unable to use the audio recorded. I was devastated (covers face in shame) but as Naomi is now a friend of Up In The Ear, I’m sure there’ll be a time when we can do it officially and don’t worry Miss Naomi, you’ll always be my first intercontinental telephone [wouldn’t say interview as it was no interrogation] catchup conversation.

Thanks for pronouncing my name right first time!


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