Amber Tree Cafe

If you ever find yourself on the south east side of the river Thames and you happen to be hungry, in no mood for a processed meal from one of those big retail food chains that pump you full of those genetically modified and synthetic ingredients you couldn’t begin to pronounce nor describe a practical use for, head to Amber Tree Cafe for some for handmade, freshly produced meals and cakes.

© Crosswhatfields? 2014

The cafe is run by the delightful Yolanda and Virginia who offer a varied lunch and breakfast menu at reasonable prices. Having conversed, well distracted Virginia from her lunch to ask questions from the script of a character playing an American tourist or nosey neighbour, on my first visit, Virginia shared that all food was freshly prepared and produced, handmade and only uses natural ingredients. The cafes USP is their homemade cakes, including gluten/dairy free and eggless choices.

I predicted Deptford was about to get swanky when the Overground came and brought Tesco with it, the Job Centre closed with flats going up next door with a Poundland beneath, Deptford Railway was regenerated and they axed the railway cafe whilst clearing the seedy proprietors of the arches behind the housing building and regenerated Catholic Church, across the way from new Tidemill and Deptford library. The Amber Tree Cafe offers a glimmer of hope amongst a cluster of gambling and pawn shops, 99p stores and corporate franchises that threaten the very nature of Deptford’s essence, independent trade -especially in a time when there are rumours that Asda and Lidl will join the Deptford gold rush in the coming months.

Prices are extremely reasonable considering all ingredients are natural, handmade and freshly prepared unlike many other food outlets in the area, not to mention the gluten, dairy free and eggless choices. On my first visit I had the beef meatballs w/ potato mash and side salad, for dessert I chose a slice of banana cake which was probably the best bit of banana cake i’ve ever tasted!

Amber Tree Cafe, 45 Deptford High Street, London SE8 4AD


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