Cornershop – EP7: Eid Mubarak

Saturday marked the one year anniversary since Cornershop went live on YouTube and it’s fair to say that the show has come a long way since January 2014. Back then I saw something special, it wasn’t the usual thing you see on YouTube -you the whole poorly lit, poorly scripted, poorly recorded, edited, soundtracked and titled type of affair.

From the beginning Cornershop’s creator Islah Abdur-Rahman set out to create a ‘Halal’ comedy -rid your minds of butchers, chicken & chip shops, and that weird looking sign with the curved lines looking something like flames sitting atop of bold red writing. According to ‘Wiki‘, Halal is any object or action which is permissible to use or engage in, according to Islamic Law -in other words it’s a clean, family friendly comedy series with zero profanity.

Islah describes this episode as a reflective insight into the Muslim celebration of Eid, it can be compared to Christmas and Chinese New Year in some ways as it is a time of year where families and friends come together to wish each other nothing but good wishes. Anyway enough of my ramblings, enjoy the show and if I need to be corrected on something please leave your feedback in the comments…


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