Style Upon Style – XLIX

Good morning all!

I figured that I’d begin my working week with a Super Bowl hangover, having stayed up into the wee hours of the morning so what better way to help me get through it on a Monday morning than with a laid back electro infused mixtape?

At the point of scheduling this post, I had no idea who won the game although I’m hoping for a Seahawks victory but these two teams are evenly stacked. Patriots play a slick strategic attacking game, whilst the Seahawks play a ruthless mix of defence and a no holds barred offensive strategy. The amazing thing about this game will be how a multi-bowl playing vet, Wilson, goes against Wilson in his last rookie season. This match has some of the highest stakes for both sides -the defenders of the titles against a team who’ve seen it all before…

Hopefully by the time this update finds you I’ll be elated that Coach Carroll and Wilson lead the Seahawks to victory…


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