Lunchtime Special 001: Wasabi (Tues 9th Dec 2014)

My mon-thurs job is literally a 2min walk from home so I tend to spend it either mixing or making music. Between my two jobs, and the rest of the important things, I try extremely hard to get creativity time wherever possible especially when it comes to music. The decision to do this series was based upon never having enough time to mix all my tracks as i’m constantly stocking up on newbies, also I previously shared a radio slot so I couldn’t fully express my musical capacity in little more than an hour. Hopefully this will allow me to play and share a diverse array of music with you, exciting times are ahead!

Today’s mix is rather special as it marks the day a Producer/DJ friend of mine uploaded some exclusives to Soundcloud. For my inaugural Lunchtime Special find a lot from Realness Mix, a few gems from Myself, and something from DJ Kataku plus more…


Catch me every Thurs 2200-0000 gmt+ on


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