Armand Van Helden – You Don’t Know Me

In the spirit of Throwback Thursday I decided to share this little anecdote from a few months ago to coincide with this music video, and also the fact that I dropped this somewhere in my Oct ’14 – Pree Diddy Podcast

So me and a few guys from around the way were looking for something to get into on a friday night. We live a stones throw from the bars and clubs along New Cross Road such as The Royal Albert, The Amersham Arms, The New Cross Inn, The Venue etc. We set out and past a few but decended on this on bar that refused us entry on the grounds of “No groups” being allowed to enter. Once refused we see a group of males enter so we asked why they were able to gain entry and we were declined, the bouncer replied that it was a student night. After a few exchanges and the bouncer switching the entry requirements of the venue, a few of us departed. Five minutes later one of the door staff came over and said “It’s not me, the manager is a dickhead, he’s racist.” My mate laughed and nodded but I kinda observed this big burly fool with a look of ‘Really?’ based on the fact that he works there and he’s blatantly discriminating against folk on behalf of his boss who has some kind of agenda. I’m not going to give you a pardon for being ‘just a tool’ in your bosses supremacist agenda… Dickhead.

As a local resident I will not name and shame this business but I refuse to step foot inside this establishment, promote or spend any of my hard earned money here again. I’m shocked that as a local, law abiding resident, I should have to face discrimination because if you didn’t want us in your establishment why setup shop here if you’re trying to exclude a particular demographic?

Have you had a similar experience in the New Cross/Deptford area?


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