Joey Al-budri – Malindiniya

So the story goes… When someone hands you a CD accept it because you could wind up listening to something that will forever change your perspective. For instance, I met Joey and his crew at The Big Music Project on Saturday where we had a short conversation about his process behind the creation of his beat tape 33. When he handed me the CD, my first reaction was “what am I going to play it on?” but I respected the heart and soul he put into it and took it anyway. Fast forward to Monday morning where I’m back at the office knees deep in admin and all manner of mentality when Joey hits me up via twitter for feedback on his CD. I replied with a sincere message and too the CD out of my tote bag and popped it into the computer.

I didn’t know what to expect, I was intrigued as he mentioned the vintage tape technique used and the pops and crackles. A sample began to play, not sure what language but  kinda assumed it was persian because when I heard his name, I asked where he was from and he replied “Iraq”. Whilst listening to the intro I got goosebumps and when that beat dropped, no word of a lie, a feeling came over me as tears began to drop from my eyes. It was powerful, I can’t even describe it. I weren’t crying, like sobbing, but I had to wipe a significant amount of tear from my eye. At that point I knew that the rest of my listening experience was going to be emotional because this track, the release of 33, touched me in less than five seconds and caused me to well up with tears at twenty one.

Joey’s style is a versatile myriad of influences, it’ll be a cop out to compare him to Dilla, Pete Rock, or Q-Tip, but I’d say that he possesses a similar midas touch to convey sentiments within his sound that will touch  the soul…


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