It’s Peak For Man

The most ambiguous and recently overused phrases in my vocabulary. It always seems to sum everything up ever so perfectly. It’s versatile, it’s groovy, animated and charismatic. Definitely one of my favourite phrases, but what does it mean though?

Well it depends on the context you use it in, it also depends on the tone of voice you use which can convey a lighthearted acknowledgement of the matter being discussed, emotional alignment to the state of affairs, or even express your excitement about something.
Usually the expression of ones excitement is a high pitched drag of the ‘eeeak!’, as opposed to the lower pitched and slower ‘eaaak’ expressed in times of emotional alignement, or a simple ‘peak’ when you interchange ‘for real’, ‘ok’, and ‘yea’ as a sign that you’ve acknowledged than and you’re encouraging them to continue.

So next time you hear “it’s peak for man” in a passing conversation break down the factors surrounding it such as tone, speed, context, pitch, pronunciation because you never know what you may find with a bit of below the surface observation.

Peace and Love.


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