Aspiration, purpose, drive, direction, flexibility and faith are all you need to be successful. All six ingredients are a catalyst to propel you from where you are currently, to where you want to be. Sprinkle some consistency, confidence and self-belief, and you’ve already taken off.

The thing is, one can amass all the knowledge in the world but what good is that knowledge if not broken down, reanalysed, summarised and shared in terms that another can apply it?
Don’t be afraid to exchange energy with someone as it’ll come back and reward you tenfold, do not allow knowledge to become stale, pass the parcel.

Each one teach one.

The mistake many make is to focus on the monetary instead of the unlimited, focus on the energy to ensure that it continues to flow, don’t allow the energy to become stagnant and stale, add your own energy to fuel the propulsion.
That’s the secret.

The real reason we exist is to exchange ideas, energy and knowledge to progress collectively into a higher state of consciousness and wellbeing. We all have choices, we all have become slaves to the clock and choose what we do in a second, a minute, an hour, a day, a week, a month, a year so how about maximising your time more effectively to achieve your calling, your greater purpose?
I think someone said something along the lines of (about to paraphrase here)

Life is about remembering who you always were as opposed to creating yourself, the more you move is the more you shed societal projections and reflections of your identity as to who you should become.

So next time you look in the mirror take a long, hard and detailed look at yourself -not your appearance but inside yourself, deep into your eyes, into your very soul and being to ask these questions…

Who am I?
What am I here for?
What am I doing to find out?
What am I going to contribution to the universe?

I won’t pretend like I’ve got it all figured out because I haven’t, the first word I learnt in school was inquisitive and it’s probably my greatest ever lesson because it’s something that’s stayed with me to this very moment.

Ask questions, seek the answers, continue to explore once gained…

Peace and Love.

Khalid Golding



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