Just Another Manic Monday

There’s something about Monday mornings that I nor anyone else can quite comprehend. It seems to be that one morning out of the week that no matter how dry [alcohol-wise] your weekend was, you feel as if you’ve got the most disgusting hangover. You snooze your alarm about fifteen times, you fall asleep in the bath because you were up watching a Breakclub Interview with some Hip Hop culture icon on YouTube and you stayed up to write afterwards… Hold up this is actually my life here lulz… But yea, a Monday morning is not your typical morning because it’s always like coming back after a trip overseas.

I clocked off Thursday evening and spent the whole weekend living it up the whole weekend, and spent time with my significant other at Casa De La Khalid. I scooped her up at 10pm before heading into Central London with the aim of having a plate of Belgian Dream Waffles at Haagen Daaz Cafe. Realising that I hadn’t eaten since 5pm, I decided to pit stop at Five Guys -mistaking it for a pizza parlour but to my amazement there’s burgers and fries cooked in peanut oil with refillable drinks.

Five Guys

Five Guys, Long Acre Street, London

The burgers were amazing, I ordered a small cheeseburger which is basically a single cheeseburger and the great thing is that you get a choice of ten or so free toppings -you can order all ten on your burger if you want to. I had ketchup, relish and pickles, and realising that I didn’t wish to be too full before the next stop, I opted for no drink and to share the fries between us. They ended up giving us an additional cup -maybe a mistake- and a more than generous helping of fries. They tasted amazing, quite homely as they were made out of real potatoes with the skin on just like if you were to make it at home. My whole thing that I liked about Five Guys was that it was casual and laid back, it was simple: a place you can come, get a quick bite and your way elsewhere and choose to stay for fifteen minutes or an hour if you were with an extended batch. The menu is simple, it’s basically burgers and hotdogs and nothing else -a good thing as you can tell from the taste that a lot of intricate craftsmanship goes into their food as their focus rather than spreading themselves thin. 10/10

Haagen Daaz

Haagen Daaz Cafe, London

We arrived at around 1130pm but had to sit downstairs due to upstairs being closed. I already knew what I was going to order as I had been craving it for weeks -months even, as they messed my order up so many times on a previous visit that I cancelled my side of the order altogether. I ordered a Belgian Waffle Dream with a scoop of Banoffee and Salted Caramel. I wasn’t too keen in the Banoffee -a bit too funky and sweet for my taste palette that night but the Salted Caramel is something I’d always recommend besides the classic Vanilla. The waffle didn’t fail to please my taste buds either, however I feel like I probably could of had one to share between my partner and I because neither of us could finish what was on the plate. Certainly worth the trip and far more superior to the waffles and iced cream found elsewhere. 10/10

A Friday spent in bed, snuggled up, eating pizza and watching rom-coms is one of life’s luxuries. Finally got to share my birthday bottle of Moscato Rose too, which tasted amazing! Woke up early on Saturday, got invited to a function a DJ mate of mine was scheduled to play at in the depths of Kent (Strood), got slightly waved and recovered -still had to drive home after we got back to London so I was wise about consumption, ate a whole lot of chicken and burgers -initiated a toasted bun trend on the BBQ, enlightened a few folk to the awkward turtle after I got a relentless and awkward advance from some women folk, headed back into London, got to my car and played my draft October mix that inspired me to go for a drive into central to listen to it so I literally drove in a big circle via Tower Bridge, The City, Embankment and Westminster Bridge before getting home from a drive that equates to about three miles and fifteen minutes.

Jenny’s, New Cross, London

So what happens after you go on a mammoth drive after a trip outta town where you practically yawned the whole evening, you crash into your bed and wake up 12pm on a Sunday. I attempted to make some music, I attempted to write an article or two for the blog but I kept getting distracted by god knows what. I felt a way about being indoors all day so I finally did it, I put on my gym clothes and headed to the gym. Bearing in mind I hadn’t been regularly in a while, I figured that since I didn’t plan on going anywhere I’d better burn calories somehow -sitting on my arse won’t get me to being a comfy 32 waist now will it. Gyms finished so it’s bath before Sunday dinner deliveries to the family, luckily they live a few roads apart but as I hadn’t eaten all day I opted not to stop for long but to head home and have a plate of the finest curry goat and rice & peas this side of the Caribbean.

So here I am, having got through the manic monday of replying to an ungodly amount of emails, getting the right docs together for an enhanced DBS form, attempting to hack into an iMac at work, configuring a ruthless schedule of local and school assembly visits to present the courses on offer at work -which mean early starts and awkward public speeches to kids whose minds are elsewhere, and chasing things up as deadlines get closer, I found time to go to the local greasy spoon with my colleagues and wonder whether an audio clip was scripted or comedic whilst indulging in a budget cheese burger with a egg in it and fries, change my shirt for no apparent reason, hit the gym -for the consecutive time in a few days, and fall asleep in the bath without realising. I’d say today was pretty awesome-ish for a Monday, but hey it’s just another Manic Monday right?


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