Audio Abduction UK – Taking Over

Riding high after an enigmatic tour of London community festivals and open mic night performances, promoting their debut mixtape released in April 2014, Audio Abduction UK are rapidly making a name for themselves as one of the most charismatic and energetic bands on the circuit. Their brand of Hip Hop is a hark back to the days where it didn’t matter how much money, cars, or expensive clothes you had, it was all about the individuality.

The group consists of three members, Jumeee (producer/songwriter/vocalist), NAW (rapper) and Wayne Thompson (rapper), all representing different aspects of the craft. All very individual and can stand in their own lane but it’s quite like Captain Planet how they bring all their elements together for the greater good of our ears -fusing the ‘old skool’ with the futuristic, putting a contemporary spin on a sound that was previously forgotten. At first listen I understood what they were doing and why it worked, however it weren’t until I witnessed them performing live that I finally got it.

I’ve seen them leading a dance workshop at July’s Family Fun Day in Fordham Park where they orchestrated an Electric Slideoff to Cameo’s Candy (view here), Audio Abduction UK seem to be going from strength to strength with each public and live performance. It came as no surprise that they shut down the Lockside Lounge in Camden last week with their style of high energy and enigmatic Hip Hop performance. There were freestyles, a preview of some new material and a beat boxer. Find out what all the hype is about Mixtape

Written By Khalid Golding © Up In The Ear 2014

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