The August 2014 Podcast – Sippin’ Bitter Bubbly

I’ve dug deep into the crevices of the interweb and this is what I came up with. I ventured into some of the darkest corners to fish out a lot of these cuts from some of the most amazing up and coming producers doing their thing. Starting off with two of my homegrown faves, Preditah and Flava D, it takes a trip to the West Coast and journeying through the USA, Eurasia, Australasia, South America and Scandinavia before Ellie Ingram brings home the [turkey] bacon.

I find that there’s so much great music out there -so much awesome combinations to create awesome positive [whoa hippy alert] vibrations. I’m not sure what category or genre this music will fit in, but I can only describe it as a musically enriching experience because these tracks, in my opinion, lead the way both rhythmically and melodically in comparison with what you may know and love.

Written By Khalid Golding © Up In The Ear 2014

If you have any info or music to share and be featured, reviewed, mentioned in the next podcast or blog post, feel free to get in contact.


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