Far Cry ft. Ray Ruckus

It’s crazy how some songs come about, they almost never come out of thin air, there’s always the back story that doesn’t seem to get told and it’s often something that the creators of masterpieces downplay, rendering the process insignificant. I on the other hand am always intrigued as to what sub mystical reaction took place in order for this masterpiece to be made. What questions were going through the writers head, what were they feeling at the time of creation, how many hours did they sit in their studio listening to the music in a creative trance? For me, these are all relevant questions that require answers because as someone who creates and writes music, I often get lost inside the loops for hours on end. I understand the arduous process of going from inception to conception, application and completion -a rarity judging by my archives. This very fascination is probably the reason why I hold artists in such high esteem sand reverence because some of the deepest and darkest tales are told through music, and it isn’t always easy to bare your soul to a world that doesn’t seem to always embrace the vulnerable and fragile truth in all of its purity.

I just remember spending hours and hours exploring this beat after I made it. I did hardly any tweaks, I aspired to keep it as pure as possible because the original was so raw and honest. I had it I my mind that it would always be an instrumental, the music was way too powerful to be tainted with any other song or vocal. In actual fact I really didn’t want to spoil the song for myself because I loved it so much. The music takes me to a place of melancholic contemplation, I wanted CoCo to be there because her part is so powerful and I really couldn’t envision someone else’s words gracing the track and shifting the sentiment.

As with everything, you’ve got to take a chance so I played it to longtime collaborator Ray Ruckus and he began singing so I gave it to him with the intent of making a track. It went back and forth for a while, he even made an alternative version but it became so far removed from the original that the project kinda fizzled out. For me, the rhythm is everything, it was crafted with the intent of accentuating the Quadron riff and whilst Ray Ruckus’ alternative mix was getting a lot of love on the Reggae circuit, deep down I wanted the drums to knock. Whilst going through my many folders to submit tracks for a friends mixtape, I came across a Logic Pro X file and made some minor mix tweaks. The rest is history, so I guess this is Up In The Ear’s unofficial maiden statement as a creative imprint…


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