Kaidi Kat – Willow of Winton

Few music creators come close to being as special as Kaidi Kat, whose music has guided me through some of the darkest times during my studies when I thought I weren’t ever going to get it finished, to just writing and thinking in general. I became a fan around about the same time when i discovered the Bugz In The Attic remix of Amy Winehouse’s My Bed, a lot later than it’s release, and went on a LastFM spree: this led me to hearing a few things from DKD, Seiji, Afronaught, Daz-I-Kue and many more. They’re pretty much like the Wu Tang Clan of an obscure amalgamation of jazz, soul and uptempto funk -which kinda got labeled Broken Beat. Off the back of rummaging through LastFM, I discovered Kaidi’s album Feed The Cat and I fell into the groove.

I must say that Kaidi and the Bugz family are special to me in so many ways because through trawling through credits are was able to find so many similar artists that led me in a lot of diverse directions. If you haven’t listened to him previously, check out his work and the be on th lookout for the other artists mentioned as it truly is timeless music.


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