Khalism #2 – A Window

The light is upon us, look up to the top right hand side of this dark room and there’s a ray of light piercing through the brickwork. It’s about to happen, you know that thing that you’ve been trying to find for a while that suddenly pops up out of nowhere, you know what I’m talking about, the window.

I’m not sure if my lack of determination to improve my circumstance allowed my imagination to paint over the window of my mind, but now I can see a way out. I bet there’s a lot of windows behind all these bricks just waiting to be discovered and it takes more tenacity than thought to uncover them.

Although windows are not doors, it does not hurt to look through them to gain an insight and a perspective over the previous impossibilities -previous being used in the sense that now you can see the universe opening up once you glance out at the light.

What’s your next move?
How will you proceed, hastily or pragmatism?
Either way it’s all changing for the better and you have your spirit to thank for that, you also have your awareness of not having the life you want placed in your hands.

You might not have the most perfect start in life but in comparison to all else, you’ve had a much greater advantage geographically and geopolitically over most.
You aren’t the oldest in a room, nor are you the youngest but you were born at a time that allowed you to live and breathe the best parts of both worlds -to have an under and over standing of the opportunities back then and now.

How will you apply yourself for success?
Be the watcher at the window, jump out of the window, see this process as uncovering the possibility to find out where the glass door is, or continue to break down all the self imposed brickwork that surrounds you in a universe of infinite possibility?

My choice led to a career change, where will your choice lead?

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