Khalism #1 – Ambition

Gotta get there, visualised it from the day I conceived the idea after closing my eyes and feeling how actual everything could be. Don’t hesitate, shoot higher than required and work so much harder at what you love doing in order to play continuously. These are chronicles of someone who learnt the ways of business as an astute forecaster from the get go. Entrepreneurship and being ones own boss is within me, if it made sense to be an underling that’s where I’d settle, if it made sense to venture out of the family I’d of done so but the values that my apprenticeship taught me is trust, honesty and respect amongst blood. The family taught me patience and consistency, I taught myself to be disciplined and adapt to changes. Forecast the storms and arduous times ahead and depart if it doesn’t make sense. Be progressive in a field you’re passionate about. The same thing spinning around my head,

Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.

My mind being in a space where I see progressive opportunity and adventure has turnt me into an animal, roaming along a road soaking up experience after experience, breaking it down to reflect and move forward.

There’s no more rat race, the only thing on my heart is peace, love, progression and prosperity. You can tell by my very nature and thought in each encounter that I’m a totally different character now I’m in that space, I ain’t gotta clip my creativity no more. I feel like I conversate in third person nowadays because when I speak I’m on the otherside of myself listening to the insights gained through over a decade of growth, development and study. Unsure whether it’s a channel through me that my forty plus, successful and affluent self with the right universal guidance is speaking through but I can only admit that I’m all about creativity, forging longstanding creative relationships, joy and life enrichment.

Basically, do what makes you happy and nothing else because in the end nothing else matters.

Love K.


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