Soulperfreesia – Amalgamation

There are some artists that never fail to impress you, there are others that release one great release for every seven, and others who reach their zenith and never return. Soulpersona and Princess Freesia impress me with every release because they have something special, quite like the late great MJ and legendary Quincy Jones had in the late 70s and 80s. Soulperfreesia combine and take you on an explosive intergalactic journey through the unchartered realms of outer space. Their sound is soulful, funked up and futuristic, I liken it to being in a time capsule that takes you out of the hour glass to an era where you put your heart and soul into the music. Unlike modern artists manufacturing throwaway music, you get the feeling that this is meticulous project; time, energy, creative thought and countless hours of dedication, have gone into making a connection with the listener.

Soulperfreesia “Amalgamation” Out now on iTunes.
Produced & Arranged by Soulpersona
Written & Performed by Princess Freesia

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