Three Things I Learnt #3

There were a total of three significant themes this past week, which I learnt valuable lessons from, it’s almost as if this episode is the story of the ‘Don’t…’ because all three things begin with don’t. Not to be taken in a negative context, these are all preventative points of opportunity, which I learnt from after careful reflective observation. So without further adieu…

1. Don’t Outstay Your Welcome
Whether it be a job, a friendship, or a party, try not to outstay your welcome. Be decisive when calculating whether an environment is the right place for you, and if not, keep moving until you find the place that is right. It is better to be missed, than evicted, so if you’ve foreseen changes that don’t suit where you want to be, change direction. Life is too short to spend your time complaining, the only way to enjoy life is to do the things you enjoy and help you to progress further.

2. Don’t Get Involved
If it doesn’t concern you, do not get get involved. Simples. It’s kinda like being arrested (I’ve not been in such predicaments but I have seen the process in the media), whatever you do or do not say will be used against you in the court of law i.e misinterpreted, altered, examined and regurgitated for future use without your consent. Next time you’re faced with a situation, stay at a safe distance and if there’s an attempt to engage you in a particular type of conversation, put your hands up and say “I’m not involved”.

3. Don’t Fear The Future
How can you fear something that hasn’t happened yet, and if you spend time fearing what hasn’t happened yet, how will you ever build it if you’re too scared fearing what you could be enjoying in the next few steps?
Don’t be a slave to your fears, the only thing that exists is this very second. You can’t erase what you did a few seconds ago nor can you fast forward to the next few, so all you got is now right?
Free yourself from the mental, physical, spiritual and habitual shackles to enjoy yourself. Make yourself happy by doing what you love rather than doing something just to get by. It’s that simple.

Peace, Progression and Prosperity.



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