MRKOZOID vs. Soulja Boy – Crank Dat [Grime Edit]

The first time I heard Crank Dat was when I travelled to Jamaica in the mid noughties. At first I glanced at 106 & Park in disgust because i couldn’t understand it, what was all the hype about, why were my cousins doing exactly what this random guy who had written his name in Tipex on his sunglasses, how did he manage to see out of them?

Well whether I knew it at the time or not, this Crank Dat would be the start of a worldwide phenomenon, it was also something that I wouldn’t learn to appreciate until many years down the line. It would be at some point before spring officially arrived that I’d finally understand Crank Dat’s significance, energy and potential to bring a whole venue of people together. Crank Dat, if used correctly could bring the world together, it could unite a planet of music lovers, ending wars and encouraging good vibes, smiles and dancing worldwide.

So what happened when I was tweaking some retrofuturistic bounce found in the archives, well I added a hint of Soulja Boy and cranked it to the maximum…

Comments and feedback are always appreciated.


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