Goldlink – The God Complex

I feel like this album is the greatest piece of art to grace my ears in a few years. It’s fresh, upbeat and filled with all manner of mystique. The perspective is from an abstract angle, tied together with an amalgamated style of rap but to perfectly honest, this whole sound which encompasses a diverse set of instrumentation, production styles, rhythm, rap and samples can only be defined as one big melting pot of amalgamated alchemy.

This is nothing like your average free release, the production levels are out of this stratosphere, when compared to your favourite multiplatinum rapper of the past three hundred and sixty days. It sounds as if someone has hit the high seas of soundcloud and picked a stellar cast of producers and beatmakers to compose this project, whilst the rapper is a cross between everything we love about Drake, Danny Brown, Kendrick Lamar and School Boy Q.

The thread which binds all of these abstract and sonically diverse influences, inspirations and motivations together is the authenticity, hunger and sentiments all collaborating parties bring to the table. I’ve literally had this playing in the car, back and forth from work and beyond, and I must say that impressive does not justify or even touch the tip of this iceberg. Why?

Well Yeezus and MCHG were both conversation starters, Nothing Was The Same and My Krazy Life were well received, but The God Complex gives me that same feeling I felt when I first listened to Overly Dedicated, From Westside With Love and K.I.D.S; I had discovered something special, I couldn’t stop listening, it made me want to make music and spread the word about how great it is.
Sure both Mac Miller and Kendrick’s releases propelled them to the cusp of stardom, in my eyes, Goldlink differs because The God Complex is timeless. As much as I look forward to what he’ll be releasing next, I wonder in the back of my mind whether he could top this, will The God Complex become an Illmatic Complex?

Either way I’ll be listening decades from this day forth because of the team behind the music, production from Fingalick, Louie Lastic, Teklun, Lakim, JFK / Jaylen, Mccallaman, featured vocalist Kali Uchis, and the unsung behind the scenes hero has to be Executive Production team which consists of Mix and Master Engineer Alex Ben-AbdallahHenny Yegezu, and Pape Diop because as a listener and someone who’s had an insight into the process of recording music, Ben-Abdallah applied his wizardry to ensure this project sits above and amongst its multi-platinum selling counterparts, and without the curation of the right beats for the talented lyricist to rap to, a statement cannot be made.

The God Complex makes a very serious statement, one that can probably be likened to an armeggedic meteor crashing into planet earth, and sending everything mediocre about the current state of music culture into a ma[hoos]sive ball of flames. The God Complex, aka The Big Bang, the place where everything will start from. Lets all keep our ears and eyes to soundcloud and see what everyone does next, will the Trapcore 808 and EDM producers jump on the Goldlink bandwagon, plucking rappers out of obscurity to collaborate on something retro-futuristically forward thinking?

Album Direction: Illustrated by Christina Mudarri, Graphic Design by Nick Fulcher


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