Three Lessons I Learnt Last Week

Sometimes you’ve gotta remove yourself from the usual routine to see what life can be all about outside of the web you’ve become intertwined in. These aren’t even based on the past seven days, these three points are pretty much collective over a period of several weeks to months. I’d continue to say that 2014 has been more of an everlasting discovery of passions and creative endeavours, en route to finding myself and I’m not sure how it happened but it took one thing to trigger an exodus; change or remain rung around my head, roll out or get rolled over came after, the theme was movement as I begun to become stagnant. I required movement, I needed to dedicate my time, energy and expertise to a cause greater than myself. As opposed to always being a practitioner, it’s time I got accredited. Elusive ambiguitous allegory aside, here are the three lessons I learnt last week…

1. Never Count Your Blessings
In the same week I had won a small fortune on the lottery, two snickers bars and had some career progressive news, I learnt to never count my blessings because the moment you do that, your blessings cease. Either way there’s some amazing prospects out there and if I continue to work towards my goals and aspirations, I will make it all happen, the energy I put out into the universe will comeback to me. Whether it resides in making three year plans or thinking and moving in a variety of steps, the aim of the game is to continue on your quest forward into progressive enlightenment. The time is now, think about it, what other time do you know apart from the present, the right now, this very moment… Food for thought?

2. All Change Or Remain The Same
It’s never too late to change lanes. If one road is heading into a cul-de-sac, never be afraid to turn left at the lights because you never know what you may find. Sometimes you have no other choice but to change in order to grow as a person, other times you’ve got to change in order to avoid going stale. That’s the great thing about change, you can remain the same -as you will always be underneath it all but any type of change brings new insights, experiences and perspective. There’s only so long you can keep yourself in a cage, and if it gets to the point where your circumstance becomes transparent to a point where you can’t deny your calling then things have got to change: shake the dice, roll out or get rolled over.

3. Do It Yourself
As someone with extremely high standards, everything I do has to be done to a particular level of excellence. I often have trouble finishing projects, or walking away from them being satisfied with the end results in my quest for perfection. Along this never ending road I’ve learnt to call time on a project, finish at a high standard and take what I didn’t quite accomplish as fuel to drive the next project. Another thing I’ve learnt is to practice DIY because you don’t have to be an expert in a field, but if you know a little knowledge you can go a long way. Whether people share the same view as you or not, don’t despair when they can’t deliver, put yourself in a position where you can get most of it done efficiently, to your standards and move on because time waits for no one, nor does a train wait a few seconds at the station for the guy who couldn’t locate his travel card at the barrier, so roll on or lose momentum.

I’m a firm believer of things happening for a reason, therefore I tend to not dwell on past experiences, choices and actions as I would not be the person stood before you today. I also wouldn’t be in the same predicament with hindsight and foresight to judge my next set of moves. How many times have you wanted to do something so bad but always put off the inspiration to just it, how many times have you said tomorrow rather than today?
Countless right?

I believe that last week was a culmination of the dots connecting together, allowing me to see the bigger picture rather than a mere two steps ahead. I’m more inspired than ever because I’m on the cusp of a new age, it proves that no one is ever too old for change so transform or remain stagnant…



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