Banks @KOKOLondon

Now tell me readers, is there a greater feeling than the one you get from seeing one of your favourite musical discoveries perform one of your favourite songs, which got them up in your ear in the first place?
For me it was a dream come true because I had been beating the drum about, and spreading the Banks gospel for quite some time.

The night kicked off with DJ set from Eclair FiFi, playing everything from Trap to House and back again, judging by the reaction of the crowd to some of the more obscure tracks -Que’s OG Bobby Johnson amongst others, they were really getting into it. Banks hit the stage and set it off with Before I Met You. There were flashing laser beams and spotlights a plenty whilst she strutted along the stage like a deranged victim of a broken heart.
Banks is true to her craft, she embodied the often gloomy theme and mood of her sound but the energy was consistent throughout the show. After going through a few more songs it was finally time for Warm Water, the track that had me captivated for weeks after listening to RinseFM one gloomy afternoon in the spring. I [kinda] knew a majority of the words to my favourite song but was pleasantly surprised by how many others were in attendance singing along to all songs. The place was packed, and there was no doubt in my mind that I had been right about Banks from the get go, she’s about to blow.

However short the show was, in the region of 45 mins, I’m glad I attended because I had missed on previous occasions such as Shoreditch House and on tour with The Weeknd -a cover of What You Need was Banks’ encore song. I must admit that I was disappointed to find that there were no Banks baseballs caps on sale at the merchandise stall [😪😩😒] but will I go to see Banks again?
H*lla Yay! I managed to secure a good spot from the start -often having to navigate my head above and around taller than lifers, buns, ponytails and the odd smart phone being held up in the air [whey]. It was also my first time at KOKO and certainly not the last, the decor is awe inspiring and drinks fairly reasonable.

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