COY007: Spare – 1BLT EP

Coyote Records are known for their cutting edge, boundary bursting and idiosyncratic Grime releases and this upcoming release from Notts producer and Well Rounded representative, Spare is certainly not one to disappoint. It marks his return to the hot seat after a lengthy hiatus where he locked himself away to hone a new sound. If you’re familiar with the rough, bass heavy track Katana, off of the Coyote Kings release, then this EP is set to feature a whole lot of bass, as well as featuring a lot more of colourful floating synthesised textures.

Whether you’re into the vividly melodic or the nuanced kind of instrumental, this EP guides you between the two -especially my personal favourites, Venom and Glide. I love the use of sparse percussive instrumentation, serenaded with all manner of dream synthesis. The EP is a journey through a Ying Yang, from the darkness to the light, it manages to take you on a round trip of polarities. It’s colourful and animated with a whole lot of dark and sinister undertones.

This is by no doubt a great way to begin the new year, the release date isn’t until the 7th April 2014 so I suggest you keep you eyes peeled for live dates and preorders… Facebook | @Spare__ | Coyote Records


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