Maxine Ashley – Perpetual Nights

Maxine Ashley is amazing, her voice seductive and her music has a touch of class reminiscent to the days gone by. However, don’t be mistaken, the music is an ode to the timeless, Pharrell Williams features in both song and video, as well as the visual being directed none other than the über creative Lady Tragik, who has worked with Kreayshawn amongst others.

Perpetual Nights is one track off of the Moodswings EP [click to download] which features production from Kerry ‘Krucial Noise’ and Pharrell Williams. If Perpetual Nights is anything to go by I think that I’m really going to enjoy the EP, I mean it’s had some roaring reviews amongst some of the most revered and I’m also optimistic because it has that je ne sais quoi feel: classic quirky Neptune sound, a quirky idiosyncratic vocalist and art direction that accentuates the sound. This to me is the perfect package…


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