Manga Saint Hilare – #BuzzKill (Prod. Chuck Inglish)

If we’re talking about an MC’s MC, some may not know it but Manga is one of those guys. Clever punchlines and quick witted, his style and method of operation is far from basic and if you aren’t sharp enough, many of his lines after such a casual delivery may go straight over your head.

Comparison wise, if you haven’t heard Manga’s music, I’d say he’s more of Grime’s Lupe Fiasco -not in the sense of being outspoken but the approach to the craft of lyricism; precision delivered in an oxymoronic guise of the casually semi-near-scientific, technical many leagues beneath the surface yet accessible using terms the general public can relate to.

All these rappers claiming their trappers, coz u sell drugs dat don’t mean ur #music’s good.

Manga isn’t the regular kind of UK lyricist who can be pigeon holed, he’s kinda like a renegade, he’s what Larry David did to the comedy series circuit with Curb Your Enthusiasm -you know, set a foundation of high quality content that the masses may not have appreciated the genius of the man until the success and accolades i.e pre and post Saint Hilare.

I believe that Manga branching out after being submerged within one of Grime’s foundation collectives, Roll Deep, to distinguish himself as an individual entity is a great move. After all, one of the most underrated MC duos from the late 00s was Manga & J2K.

If nothing will convince you of the genius, listen to New Age Cool Shit…


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