Beyoncé – Partition/Drunk In Love (Miss Sha Cover)

When Beyoncé dropped the self titled album alongside a collaboration with the lyrical wizard hubby, Jiggaman Jay Z, we -folks in a relationship- went mad over this track because we could finally go duet style with in-car karaoke with the partner and not feel cheesy or ashamed in the process. Obviously she’s singing the Beyoncé and unashamedly the fellas imitate Jay Z from behind the wheel, speaking from experience here, and it tends to go down a treat as it’s likely to be one of the few musical choices we’d singalong to that isn’t too soft, old or extreme.

Miss Sha is known for her many covers, but in my ears it weren’t until I heard the sultry Jazz rendition of Naughty Boy’s La La La that Kristina ‘Miss Sha’ Shashina became an acoustic force to be reckoned with…

Kristina has outdone herself with this cover, I also didn’t realise just how raunchy the lyrics are either so it must be the reason why the females get all excitable upon hearing the original. I couldn’t help but notice Miss Sha ride the wave of raunchy as there’s a moment where the vibe comes to a climax on the Drunk In Love chorus and she clenches her fist as the passion begins to flow. Bjorn Woodhall does an exceptional job on guitar as well as the folks at BandVault for capturing the action.


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