Wiley – Eskimo Dance (Freeza Chin Edit)

These tracks need no introduction, all I know is that Freeza Chin is the master for dropping these edits of all the dopest tracks from way back and combined with the Godfather of Grime himself, Wiley, it’s enough to make you smash up everything around you. Word for word and bar for bar, this is the best track I’ve seen come out of Soundcloud from the Grime set and yes I will be using Shazzam’ for the tracks I never knew the name of back in the day. This is the sound that made me, from bedroom sessions, house parties and raves, to tower block stairwells, bus stops and car park clashes. This is the sound where you carried a hefty rucksack of vinyl and cut the dubs from the tracks you made on Fruity Loops and Music 2000 at Transition or some random place in North Weezy. This sound called Grime made me…


One thought on “Wiley – Eskimo Dance (Freeza Chin Edit)

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