MOM013: Rx – Strike A Pose (DJ Earl Remix)

When I get something in the mailbox I’m never almost as intrigued to read the email and check out the sounds as much as I am when I see the sender being that of Hot Mom USA. Reason being that their sound is not only cutting edge but their artwork is intriguing too. They’ve worked with acts such as Mr. Mitch and have aligned themselves with like-minded and equally boundary pushing artists and labels such as the Butterz tribe here in the UK, amongst many others.

Why do I love this DJ Earl Remix, well it is everything I seek in a piece of music at the moment; the leads, the heavy bass and pounding drums, the tempo and the electric piano type pads that just make me feel all warm and fuzzyish inside. I think it’s what my friend and long time collaborator Magik Skillz will call ‘Drug Music’ as it’s got that serotonous sensibility that’ll make you float with no form of external or chemical stimulants. Whether riding round in the car or chillin’ indoors, in the club or going track for track on a podcast, this track is a certified banger in my book and is available to purchase from Beatport.

Artwork by James Farsetta, Field Trip World

Mastered by Luca “Digital Boy” Pretolesi

For more info go to



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