So I guess you’ve all heard of ‘Mandem On The Wall’, the comedy web series that became a hit and made it all the way to being featured as a part of an E4 drama called Youngers, well from the creator and director of the cult hit comes another self written and directed comedy, Cornershop.


Cornershop follows the journey of Malik as he makes the transition from family failure to successful business owner when he has step up and take over the family business when his father is away on business. Along the way he employs Saleem, the over qualified international student seeking a job doing any and everything to avoid returning home a failure, and Riaz, a lazy university student obsessed with gadgets and Pokemon. This show is quite a large step away from ‘Mandem On The Wall’ as it’s much less marginalised and explores a universal themes. Whether you work in a Cornershop or a department store, we all can relate to being one of or interacting with similar characters in our daily and working lives.

Cornershop provides a clever comedic insight into what’s inside the minds of the characters and the scenes of your local Cornershop, it’ll probably have you trying to work out which one of the staff is Malik: the store owners son who did nothing the past twenty or so years than drop out of school and bring shame upon the family, Saleem: the guy who speaks hardly any English and has a heavy foreign accent but you know he probably has qualifications coming out of his ears, or Riaz: the student who has no idea what route to take in life but is happy to attend university to please the parents, using the student loan to feed his gadget habit.

For a small production team with virtually no budget, they’ve managed to achieve broadcast quality results. All actors rotated responsibilities whilst on set, each acting as the camera operator, sound recordist and lighting technician, not to mention filming in an active retail environment where customers were entering the store to make purchases. It is a process that all three stars admit to bringing them much closer together, as it not only allowed them to exchange and acquire new skills but it made them all accountable for the end result.

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