Ice-T – High Rollers

Hip Hop is apart of my DNA and has shaped the way I think, dress, articulate and see the world from a very young age. My #throwbackthursdays are almost always dedicated to the era of Hip Hop that captivated my mind as a kid and if I’m being honest I didn’t even used to listen to the lyrics much, it was the drum beats and samples that drew me in. Not only did they set my imagination racing and inspire me to create and find these intriguing sounds, but Hip Hop also taught me the importance of being entrepreneurial, eclectic, openminded and versatile. All from a process of appropriation and bricolage in the face of limitations to create something new. There are so many levels to Hip Hop and Rap if you dive into its rich origins…

This was taken from Ice-T’s 1988 album Power, released on his own label Rhyme Syndicate which achieved gold status. The song High Rollers samples Edwin Starr’s Easin’ In, from the 1974 LP Hell Up In Harlem (Original Motion Picture Sundtrack). Edwin may sound familiar to most as he also had a career high with his 1970 single War, which cemented his reputation and reverence amongst musical listeners and protesters alike for not only his stance against the Vietnam war but also transforming a Temptation song in a #1, three million unit selling single with his intense vocals.

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