Flava D – FlavaD.com Vol.4

This is an artist who’s been striking fear into artists for a very long time so it’s only right that she’s en route to getting her just dues and all the accolades and reverence that go with it. From Eski Beat to her own releases to aligning with Butterz, whenever Bandcamp notify me of a new Flava D release, it’s only right that I head to Mac -whether at work, home or elsewhere on the road to see what direction Flava’s heading in. This release is somewhat a collection of unreleased tracks from 2009 onwards that many people have requested at different times -soundcloud, airplay or even exclusive, although we can all be assured that new music is on its way.

Whether or not these sounds predate the marriage of Grime back into Garage and even it’s love affair with Trap, this sounds fresh and its something that’s testament to not only Flava’s approach to creating music but the skillset of a producer to create timeless works of art which transcend trends and styles of sub genre. Me personaliy, my favourite has to be either Marijuana simply because she’s bridged the gap between the rasta reggae sample and contemporary bass sounds to create this dubbish bass heavy banger. It’s kinda half step but it’s also got that bounce that you can skank out to, not to mention the underlying Jah Shaka soundsystem feel. It’s a great listen and something I can imagine myself dropping in a set to get the crowd moving. In short it is a fine example of contemporary creative Bricolage: (in art or literature) construction or creation from a diverse range of available things.

Bookings: Elliott@eands.org | Send Beats To: Daniggg@hotmail.co.uk | www.FlavaD.com



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