Banks – Warm Water (Snakehips Remix)

In the final half of 2013 I literally fell in love with an artist called Banks, it was this track that caught my ear one rainy afternoon in say June but I didn’t get around to buying the song until around October. Since then I’ve listened to the song about thirty or so times, even had it on repeat and spread the gospel about from my blog… In the midst of getting round to post Warren Xclnce’s remix of On & On, I heard this beautiful remix of Banks’ Warm Water. I mean this is not a remix that tries to forgo the original in any sense of the word, it literally gives it an alternate set of shades and some vibrant hues. You get an upbeat, soulful slice of magic. I’m absolutely feeling and I must say that this is a remix that was blessed from the Gods on top Mt. Remixus [fans of the classics get that or nay?]

Tell me what you think, drop a comment/tweet because I couldn’t wait to put this on the usb to play in the car…


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