Woofer Music – Xmas Giveaway

I know I’m late, I know it’s the 28th December [officially three days after it dropped] and you’re just starting the recovery period before a mammoth NYE celebration in a few days but I couldn’t resist posting this. I literally spent the past three days bumping this in the earphones, in the home and whilst riding round in the whip [car]. One thing about a Faze production is that he knows how to set the mood, you know the ‘on my way out and need to tun up’ kinda mood, or the ‘I’m on my way to work and need a pick me up’ or the ‘I’m spinning tracks at a lil get together and I need some wavy trappish kinda music’. Faze is literally ‘that guy‘ and this release, which was delivered in collusion with Dropbox and Santa, contains exclusives from the period between 2011 and 2012 when he was on the rise to becoming one of the new Top Boys of Grime/Club music production.

I guess now it ain’t just the top Griminal Dj’s who can drop these in a shubz/drink up/club and have the whole place going mental, we all can too especially as many of us were fans of the Wu and appreciated the trapped out griminal spin of Gravel Pit‘s popular sample that became Gunpowder, as when it was dropped all you could witness throughout a sea of lighters, iPhone backlights and strobe lasers was the sound and sight of folks mimicking guns with sounds and fingers. Not sure if I heard it first on Logan Sama or Elijah and Skilliam‘s radio show, maybe it was at the Macbeth in the depths of Hoxton, all I know is that these tracks had us all going mental regardless of the location.

Merry Christmas Faze, all the best for 2014 and thank you for the freebies…


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