Nexvio Inc’s Slowmo App

Described as a ‘time warp’ for your 3GS-4/5, this app retails at 69p. It states that you can create both fast motion and slow motion videos but if I’m being totally honest, you’re much better off trading in your device for an iphone5s.

I wish I didn’t pay for this app, 69p may not seem like a lot outside of the iTunes context but it’s pretty much like buying an item of clothing and not being able to refund it. I hope there’s plans in order to get refunds on apps as this is the next in a long list of let downs. I would of rated it no stars but the App Store didn’t allow me to, I just wish I had read all the views prior to purchasing because this app is as basic as it gets.

It’s pretty much a poor mans iphone5s slow mo effect. Props to the developers though, they’ve actually made money from something they created from scratch and I respect their hustle. There’s a whole lot of work to be done as the effects are pretty jittery like some kind of elf is pressing start/stop somewhere on the logic board. It’s just a mess really, I wish the App Store provided refunds for apps like this because it makes me reluctant to buy anything. Of course it’s only 69p in real world terms, but in digital terms you could say that it’s like £10gbp+.


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