Beyoncé Solo Over Collab

A lot of what you see on this blog start life as tweets, Facebook status’ and Tumblr posts, they end up on here because I run out of 140 characters or I think to myself, this is why I have the blog -to share observations just like this one…

Beyoncé is by all means one of the greatest solo artists of our time, but not so much a group artist nor collaborative -in regards to sharing the light with someone in the same field ie collaborating with another singer. If collaborating with a rapper she’s great as she hasn’t got to dim her light in order for someone else to shine, however when collaborating with another singer it doesn’t quite go to plan -it doesn’t really seem right.

For some reason the collaboration between Beyoncé and Shakira come to mind, it came to me randomly and in the back of my mind it had always made me cringe -especially the symmetry dancing. Sure they’re both vixens in their own right but there’s something missing from this, I feel like it should of been a Beyoncé featuring Shakira. I’m pretty mythed, how this collab happen?

I got love for them both all the same and I did watch the Hips Don’t Lie vid straight after because that is proof that South American and Caribbean women are too damn sexy. History tainted by European conquests of looting and slavery but blessed in so many other ways such as culture, food and beautiful, bootylicious and curvaceous women… Historical digressions aside I must admit that my views changed after watching the video but still Beyoncé is more enjoyable when riding solo because she doesn’t hold back or have to share the shine. A great example of a Beyoncé collaboration is the Video Phone remix feat GaGa because unlike Beautiful Liar when the subordinate becomes the star of the show, GaGa plays the role of Robin to Beyonce’s Batman -minus the trills and all that but she’s forgiven for doing the whole CWG thing.


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