Is Spotify Worth 10GBP?

This gallery is proof that Spotify is beginning to change my listening habits and that having had the free subscription this past month has allowed me to venture out of my preexisting library to discover new music on the go, via the iOS app -as I did in previous years via the desktop LastFM app for my Macbook and PC.

As it gets to September you see me discover new music through search and listening, Haim, to rediscovering music that I had been listening to in 2009. The 30day premium trial is excellent as it gives you a taste of what Spotify is all about, however be sure to cancel the subscription if you cannot afford [or in my case justify] the £10GBP asking price otherwise you’ll be debited £10 at the end of the 30 day trial.

I was wary of Spotify before but I actualy like it now and would probably find it hard to feed my intrigue with the premium as i would not longer be able to stream from my mobile device to my wireless speaker system. I would also be bound to using the desktop when listening but I guess its a small price to pay in the long run. Kinda unsure whether I need iTunes Match now [was considering it] or even if I need to purchase music anymore, because I have the benefit of making playlists and having them readily available to listen to offline with the premium feature.

All in all £10GBP per month isn’t bad for the service Spotify offer and it means that you can actually listen to see how great a band is before you commit with a purchase and find you only liked one track. Some may say that you can do the same with iTunes but you still have to commit, whereas Spotify allows you to stream with no limits to how many times you listen to a song -what if you went through a phase where you were in love with the Las Ketchup song?

I think I’ll ride the last few days of my premium trial subscription and see how much I need it as in these harsh economic times, every coin counts towards something and if I have no justification for a particular purchase then I tend to shy away from it.


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