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There comes a time in life when you need to ‘Boss It Up’, a time when you believe you’ve heard your calling in life and decided to head down that route to get what’s yours. Whether it be investments, equipment or action, something needs to be done because you can no longer plod along the software road to your dreams, blagging your way through with limited knowledge. You need the ultimate software GPRS, you need to get the holy grail of short cuts to get your ideas to masterpieces with efficient workflow. There’s a long way around it, but there’s also an efficient route once you’ve done the knowledge, for the rest of us there’s a universal keyboard cover with short cuts in the medium of keyboard commands.

Here’s a preview of the top three that I could find. The reason I chose to focus on the ControlSkin is that it has a clear and concise layout utilising bold, bright colours and musical semantics to it’s advantage. The alternatives, although being featured on the Apple webstore (LogicSkin) and having promotional shots with Logic Pro X (EditorsKeys) fell short of Logic Café‘s patented design so without further adieu…

Logic Café – ControlSkin Logic Keyboard Cover £29.99 (£31.98 inc shipping)

For me aesthetically and ergonomically the ControlSkin Keyboard cover is the most superior as it distinctly separates the main areas of your work flowpiano roll (black and white), transport controls (record, play, stop etc),  and navigation to windows such as the mixer, piano roll etc. There’s even buttons for metronome, record enable, region and flex mode. As great as the layout of this keyboard is, my main concern is whether it can be used with Logic Pro X seamlessly as the site previews haven’t been updated to include any pictures whilst using Logic Pro X. This probably wouldn’t prevent me from making the purchase as I’m mainly using Logic Pro 9 at the moment, due to a majority of my plugins being 32bit. This keyboard cover has ‘ready, set, go’ written all over it as it even comes with a key commands file that you can load into Logic Pro to ensure you get to use all the short cuts.

In the midst of writing this article I contacted Paul Yarrow, creator of the ControlSkin who had this to say

ControlSkin is already fully compatible with Logic Pro X as it ships with it’s own patch file. We are releasing a version 2.0 software to accompany the ControlSkin later this week which gives the ControlSkin added LPX enhancements plus extra controller features which are normally found on much more expensive hardware. These features include: Beat repeat, ArpeggiatorPitch bend, Modulation, Sustain and more. The upgrade will be free to all current ControlSkin users and will ship with all ControlSkin products bought from next week. Version 2.0 is compatible with Logic Pro 9 and Logic Pro X.

This is exciting and welcoming news as now I’m much more confident than ever about making an investment and spreading the word to others. If you’d like to make  purchase, hit the price below and it will take you straight to the site.

Price: £29.99 (£31.98 inc shipping)


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