Lorde – Royals

I’m not sure when it happened but I guess it all started one day when I witnessed Kanye perform New Slaves, Blood On The Leaves and Bound 2 on the Jools Holland show. Immediately afterwards he had introduced Lorde and I began to hear two tracks that I’d eventually fall in love with -as well as the rest of the world. I guess I was intrigued because it was such a natural blend of club/rap that I couldn’t deny. I was in awe as I had only heard things like this on soundcloud, tumblr or on one of those obscure blogs, I never expected to hear this on a mainstream medium. I think this is what made me happy inside because I could finally look toward the pop charts and these mainstream shows to hear something credible. There’s something clever about Lorde, the lyrics are undeniably catchy and the voice is distinctive too. I must have listened to Tennis Courts and Royals at least 50 times…


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